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Truisms From An Evening On the Internet

Posted in Elections, Free Speech, Politics, Presidential Primaries, Social Media, Twitter by kevinsoberg on August 17, 2011

If you don’t like the answers, don’t ask the questions.

If you don’t like the questions, maybe it’s because your answers aren’t good enough.

If you don’t like your candidate being questioned, maybe you should get another candidate.

If your candidate doesn’t like being questioned, maybe he should get a new career.

When I ask a string of questions, they are all valid. You don’t get to answer one and go home. If you do so, you lose. One good point doesn’t make an argument.

If you can’t answer the question, better to not reply.

Just because you gave me AN answer, doesn’t make it THE answer.

Responding to my question by asking another question is not an answer. It is avoidance. You are not Jesus.

If you don’t like the free exchange of ideas, go hang out on your candidate’s site. It’s nice and pretty and no one ever disagrees. Just like in Castro’s Cuba.


Thanks for Your Concern But I’m Still Alive

Posted in Social Media, Twitter by kevinsoberg on March 19, 2011

“Thank you!” goes to everyone who has expressed an interest in my well being since I became absent from Twitter. No, I am not dead. I have just taken a hiatus from social networking (and NO, those are NOT the same thing). I truly do appreciate all of your tweets, from the immediate to as recently as a week ago, asking about me.

To be honest, I really didn’t think anyone would miss me, nor did I know I would be gone this long. Most tweeters follow, and are followed by, hundreds of others who probably post more frequently than did I. So, it would be understandable if my absence were to go undetected. However, it seems that wasn’t the case. I really do appreciate all of you.

Here’s what happened: I like to take off work at the end of the year. This last December was no exception. A few days before Christmas, my wife asked if I was going to “spend the entire day ‘twittering’… again?” Well, being very attentive to my spouse, as I am, I took the 101st time she had said this as a hint, and being passive-aggressive I told her “No, I will not.” I haven’t been back on since, until today.

After a while, I began to realize how much time I had been spending on Twitter. I began to be able to read all of my news sites and to get ahead on take-home work and to keep up with the “honey does” and to do all the stuff I should have been doing all along, but for “some reason” I never had enough time to do. There are only so many hours in the day.

Also, during this time, I had an attack of pancreatitis and had to go to the emergency room. I was in the hospital for almost a week before my enzyme levels were low enough for me to have my gall bladder removed. In the hospital, I realized the friends and family who came to see me and who sent flowers, cards and gifts were the same people I had, on many an occasion, grudgingly socialized with while tweeting on my phone. I selfishly wanted to talk about those things which interested me, and to not pay attention to those who love and care about me, regardless of my position on a given issue of the day.

While I was away, I found out that a couple I know almost ended their marriage. One of them had been on that MyFacePlace-whatever, and had become reacquainted with a person they had known twenty-plus years before. It had started out innocently enough. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way. They are still dealing with the repercussions of the emotional, and almost physical, infidelities which resulted. (Calm down! I’m not giving anything away. If you don’t know, this ain’t gonna tell you. If you do know, I thought you didn’t read my blog?)

During my couple of years on Twitter, I’ve usually kept my personal information “close to the vest”, so to speak. I’ve never said if I was married or not, gay or straight, or black or white (except for that picture). I’ve liked to keep it all about politics and issues. Because of this I may have attracted some followers who made their own guesses about my status on any of these, and may have made decisions based on them. I do tend to be polite, friendly, and sometimes “flirtatious”, but my page has always been open and my wife has my passcode. She could check it any time she wanted. I always thought this meant I was keeping it “above board”, as far as my marriage was concerned.

I’ve been gone from Twitter for a while now. I’ve seen improvements in my productivity and my relationships. I’ve seen how I’ve been selfish with my time and my interest. I’ve witnessed an example of what could go wrong, and it honestly scared me.

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t quit Twitter because my wife wanted me to quit. She never asked me to quit. As a matter of fact, she chuckled and shook her head when last she asked me about it. When you think about it, that only makes it all the better, she’s not checking up on me, and I’m doing it because it seems the right thing. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but being trusted while you do the “right thing” just feels good.

Maybe that also means I can begin tweeting again. Everything’s good in moderation, right?

Thanks again, guys.

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What’s Up With the Trolls?

Posted in Social Media, Twitter by kevinsoberg on February 28, 2010

Why can’t I post an opinion, anywhere, without some jerk attacking me?

I understand somebody commenting on my blog or replying to my commenting on their blog site. That’s what I’m seeking, a dialogue. Here’s my idea(s). Here’s what I think of your idea(s). What’s your response? There’s my reply. A conversation! Yippee!

I’m pretty much expecting some sort of response if I write something in a chatroom or I use certain hashtags on Twitter. I know I’m putting red meat out there. I would be stupid to not expect some possible reaction. A straight guy in a gay bar shouldn’t get mad if someone makes a pass. You’re putting yourself out there. Y’know what I mean?

However, if I’m simply tweeting to my followers or using a like-minded hashtag, why the vitriol? Don’t these guys have anything better to do with their life? Do they actually think they’re going to change minds and hearts attacking or belittling others, or using offensive language? What kind of satisfaction are they getting from this sort of behavior?

Funny thing is… I’ve learned that there are people who get off on this stuff. When I was a newbie, I thought people were actually seeking an exchange of ideas. I would join discussions, make comments, point out factual and logical mistakes. Boy, did I learn the truth… and quickly.

People are out there “troll hunting.” They are laying bait for trolls and hoping for a bite. When I would point out the problems with their arguments, they would think I was agreeing with the premise of the trolls’ opinions. When I finally got it into their head that I basically agreed with their conclusions (just not with their rhetoric), they would get angry with me for “cutting their line.” I would have to block them because they wouldn’t stop arguing, or I would be blocked because I was being “disloyal.”

Obviously, I have opinions. Why else would I be writing this? However, I don’t believe in attacking others or engaging in fruitless arguments. I’m not one who enjoys banging my head against a wall. The wall always wins, and all I ever get is a headache. So, a pox on both of their houses. They can have each other. Just leave me out of it.

Don’t forget, though, I’m open to true discussion. It’s just that I’m always right. Heh!