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Talking to Lefties Can Be a Chore

Posted in Government, History, Leftism, Politics, Social Media by kevinsoberg on March 9, 2010

One can quickly grow weary attempting political discussion with those on the political left who continually spout meaningless, or definitionally “fluid,” words in my direction when describing the political landscape. This isn’t Edwardian England. So, when I say Socialism, I’m not speaking of Fabianism, unless I’m specifically discussing Fabian socialism (but why would I?). In everyday life, these fine distinctions, like those between corporatism and syndicalism, are pointless and a distraction.

When someone uses the word “anarchism,” they are most probably using the dictionary meaning, “lack of a formal ruling authority.” However, a leftist may be speaking of any one of a number of proto-socialist political movements which have existed, off and on, to bring down the “existing order,” whatever that happens to be, or have been. They seek to replace current society with an individualistic form of communalism. It’s all very Rousseauan, natural man in voluntary associations without private property. This usage of the word is much too broad, ill-defined, and, of course, completely fantastical.

What else would you expect from the left? They insist on having an endless number of names for the slightest variations of political philosophy. To them the political divisions are found in the minutia. It’s not the ultimate outcome that matters most. It’s about methods.

The left gets all wound up over ‘how’ the power is accumulated, and the good intentions of the organizers. They don’t seem to realize the result is the same, the accumulation of power by the state. List off the ideologies: communalism, syndicalism, corporatism, fascism, Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, etc. The ultimate result of all of these “different” ideologies is the concentration of power in the government to the detriment of individual liberties.

If I say I’m opposed to socialism, I’ll hear from innumerable assholes with too much free time and unnecessary educations. They will hector me to death talking about the U.S. system and its mixed economy. They will “educate” me on the level of government involvement of which I must be ignorant. I’m obviously an idiot who doesn’t realize Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, et al is socialism.

Hey, Einstein, I know all of this and I’m saying, “I’M AGAINST SOCIALISM! OK?” I know all your little knit-picky arguments. I’ve been to college. Hey, I even have degrees. Do I think I will ever see the day where government stops picking winners and losers, or transferring income from those who produce to those who don’t? Hell no! It ain’t ever going to happen. But it should.

Unless you’re a Political Scientist, or just weird like me and enjoy this crap, these fine distinctions are nothing more than static. The true debate is over the possible outcomes, not intentions, theories or methodologies. It doesn’t matter who is “nicer,” smarter” or “better.” The only important question is: “Are we to be Free or Slaves?”

If I’m traveling to Lisbon, but I arrive in Madrid, the trip was messed up, regardless of the good intentions of the travel agent. Well, somehow I’ve ended up in Stockholm. Can I have my money back? Please?

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