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What’s Up With the Trolls?

Posted in Social Media, Twitter by kevinsoberg on February 28, 2010

Why can’t I post an opinion, anywhere, without some jerk attacking me?

I understand somebody commenting on my blog or replying to my commenting on their blog site. That’s what I’m seeking, a dialogue. Here’s my idea(s). Here’s what I think of your idea(s). What’s your response? There’s my reply. A conversation! Yippee!

I’m pretty much expecting some sort of response if I write something in a chatroom or I use certain hashtags on Twitter. I know I’m putting red meat out there. I would be stupid to not expect some possible reaction. A straight guy in a gay bar shouldn’t get mad if someone makes a pass. You’re putting yourself out there. Y’know what I mean?

However, if I’m simply tweeting to my followers or using a like-minded hashtag, why the vitriol? Don’t these guys have anything better to do with their life? Do they actually think they’re going to change minds and hearts attacking or belittling others, or using offensive language? What kind of satisfaction are they getting from this sort of behavior?

Funny thing is… I’ve learned that there are people who get off on this stuff. When I was a newbie, I thought people were actually seeking an exchange of ideas. I would join discussions, make comments, point out factual and logical mistakes. Boy, did I learn the truth… and quickly.

People are out there “troll hunting.” They are laying bait for trolls and hoping for a bite. When I would point out the problems with their arguments, they would think I was agreeing with the premise of the trolls’ opinions. When I finally got it into their head that I basically agreed with their conclusions (just not with their rhetoric), they would get angry with me for “cutting their line.” I would have to block them because they wouldn’t stop arguing, or I would be blocked because I was being “disloyal.”

Obviously, I have opinions. Why else would I be writing this? However, I don’t believe in attacking others or engaging in fruitless arguments. I’m not one who enjoys banging my head against a wall. The wall always wins, and all I ever get is a headache. So, a pox on both of their houses. They can have each other. Just leave me out of it.

Don’t forget, though, I’m open to true discussion. It’s just that I’m always right. Heh!

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  1. Stickeenotes said, on March 3, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    All I’m going to say is the next time you jump in on a discussion about the proper way to extricate a gerbil that hasn’t been de-clawed, you need to know it’s nothing like yanking out a hamster. It’s a lesson we all learn at some point.

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