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Announcing the CGSS Hashtag

Posted in Uncategorized by kevinsoberg on February 11, 2010

As a follow up to my now famous (Hey! Over 40 views, and a comment!) premier blog posting, “Not Sure About That ‘Deep Bench’ Idea,” I’m unleashing the CGSS Hashtag (#CGSS).
What’s CGSS? What’s a ‘hashtag?’ What SOB forwarded this too me? I can’t help you with that last one (but I’m guessing he’s the friendly, intelligent sort).
CGSS, Chronic Government Service Syndrome, is the modus operandi of modern American politicians at all levels of government. When a politician believes it’s just fine and dandy for the Feds to tax the hell out of everyone, as long as he gets a portion to spread around, we’ve got a CGSSer. Federalism has been stood on its head since the introduction of the federal income tax, resulting in a tax system bass-ackwards from the Framers’ original intent. Paying excessive federal taxes, used to purchase (extort) our liberty for its return has, sadly, become the norm. It must end. How’s that?
Now, if you’ve been on Mars (or MySpace), you may not recognize this little gem, the hashtag. It’s a way of marking a post (or ‘Tweet’) on Twitter so it’s part of an open conversation strand pertaining to an area of interest. When a hashtag (eg. #CGSS) is added to a post, it becomes viewable to those following that hashtag on Twitter.
Why would one add such a hashtag? It’s a way of disseminating opinion and information beyond one’s followers, those who see all of your posts, to a larger community (not to mention those friendly ‘trolls’).
So, feel free… Nay, I urge you to make use of #CGSS when tweeting about those that too long have embraced the ‘loving’ arms of government.
P.S. If this turns into a ‘clusterfu–‘, I blame it all on Howe (@calebhowe). It was his idea… unless, of course, it works.

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